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Sree Narayana Arts & Science College Kedamangalam



The mission of Sree Narayana Arts and Science College is to provide quality education to rurally based and underprivileged youth. We have stepped into a world and its economy that are based on ever-changing knowledge. Knowledge has always been important, but its growth and its social impact have been very slow in the past. But now the communication facilities have literally exploded and a lot of people have begun to share and collaboratively construct new ideas. Knowledge could be now everyone’s property and the creation of knowledge could be everyone’s skill. As a result of this worldwide collaboration, the knowledge base of society has grown immensely. Every day inventions and problem-solving abilities of the 21st century scholars are changing human life totally in every decade. In this fast world of innovation and creativity, there will be a danger of the rurally based and socially backward learners getting marginalized. The vision of the college is to avoid such a social divide based on knowledge and skills.

To realize this goal the college has adopted the vision and teachings of “Sree Narayana Guru” as the guiding principle of the curriculum. These guiding principles, which are all the more relevant in the contemporary period, form the curricular objectives and instructional process of the college.

The college curriculum though ‘Knowledge based’, does not ignore the qualities that make our students good citizens of tomorrow. The current century also needs, besides the specialized knowledge at the level of application, the skills of effective communication, problem-solving, innovation and creativity. We also recognize that this cutting edge of career capabilities do not make a good human being. Value education is the potter’s wheel on which the sense of humanity of the students can be shaped and perfected. So, we have planned our classrooms, not as mere lecture rooms; they are the nurseries of essential human qualities like love, tolerance, a sense of justice, and responsibility.


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Sree Narayana Arts & Science College, Kedamangalam, North Paravur, Ernakulam 683513


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